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Creating the CRAZY  Game

Grinsmile is Game Studio that is formed by College Student at PENS, a polytechnic in Surabaya, Indonesia. We inspired to start this indie game studio, cause all of our member is a passionate gamer and want to create our own video games.

We have big dream to deliver high quality game with unique world and gameplay that mostly, in the border of craziness. In actual meaning, we love create a game world with a lot of uncomprehensive things to do 😀

We Love Making Unique Games

Rather than making game with usual or normal kind of setting, we love to create game with incomprehensible action. Our game will be focus on bringing enjoyment, and crazy fun thing to do with loveable character

Everyone is Unique

Our team consist of few people, with different mind and different workstyle, buat we all love video game. We Strive to bring great video game with unique approachment and make sure that even the developer enjoy playing it, before we give it to you

We are Indie not Corporate

Creating game to squeeze player is not our thing, we hate it… seriously. Our game is mainly create for entertainment, and we make sure that it’s create by passion not by moneygrabber mind. Our player is part of us, their enjoyment and easy access to our product is, obviously main priority.